Fish, oceanic space and the politics of caring


The University Of Sydney, 11th -13th December 2017

Sustaining the Seas is an exciting and experimental refereed international conference that will bring together academics of many disciplines, practitioners, urban planners, fishers, artists and writers to consider over three days the challenges of how to care better for the oceans, and more-than-human marine ecological systems. We will explore radically different modes of caring for oceanic spaces and ask what their effects might be for communities of fish and humans.

Hosted by the Sustainable Fish Lab at the University of Sydney, the conference will take place in one of the world’s most beautiful yet environmentally troubled harbour cities. This will be a unique opportunity to engage with local and global oceanic complexities through panel discussions, keynote speakers, films, demonstrations of innovative practice, and fieldtrips.


Image of Rorotoko interview Elspeth Probyn

Elspeth Probyn

Lesley Green

Rosemary Rayfuse

Clive Schofield

Conference opening: Professor Elspeth Probyn (Sydney) – Introducing Complexity into Oceanic Spaces

Professor Lesley Green (UCT) – Ocean Regime Shift

Professor Rosemary Rayfuse (UNSW) – Out of Sight, Out of Mind: The Challenge of Regulating High Seas Fisheries’

Professor Clive Schofield (UOW) – Sustaining South China Sea Fisheries: A Multilateral Imperative Amid Complex Maritime Disputes


Caring for Sea Country – Dr. Leah Lui-Chivizhe (UNSW)

Speculative Harbours – Gena Wirth (Scape, NY), Dr. Adriana Vergés (UNSW)

In-Conversation with Fishers – John Susman (FishTale) and Cat Dorey (Greenpeace)

Call for papers and creative provocations closes July 14th

View call for papers


Sunday 10th December – Morning Coastal Foraging Tour

Sunday 10th December – Afternoon harbour tour with Sydney Institute for Marine Sciences (SIMS)

Monday 11th DecemberSydney Ideas – Caring (better) for the Oceans with Dr. Cat Dorey (Greenpeace), Dr. Leah Lui-Chivizhe (UNSW), and Dr. Clifton Evers (Newcastle University)

Tuesday 12th December – An evening on the harbour with the Tribal Warrior

Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th December – early morning Sydney Fish Market tour


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Coming soon!


Dr. Kate Johnston

Department of Gender & Cultural Studies, The University of Sydney.